South Sudan: My footsteps towards the future
20 May 2013

Students busy during a practical lesson at the St. Bakhita Secondary School in Yambio County, South Sudan. (Mike Fowley/JRS).
I have worked hard in my studies, so that I can live the dream of my mother.
Yambio, 20 May 2013 - My name is Jane* studying at Bishop Abangite Secondary School of Science and Technology in Senior Four Class. My school is located within Yambio town in Western equatoria state. I am eager to finish my studies by the end of this year.

During my early years, my mother was sick until she was confined in bed. The family was rendered helpless because the health services were not available as war had destroyed all the medical facilities. My mother succumbed to her illness in 2007 leaving us in the hands of our father. However, after a while our dear father also passed on, leaving me and my sisters in the hands of our elder brother and relatives.

After completion of my primary eight in Tombura, my brother assisted me to join senior one in Bishop Abangite Secondary School in Yambio town. I have worked hard in my studies, so that I can live the dream of my mother. Before my mother died, she pleaded with me to work hard and study in order to have a better future. She was sad at times when I had to stay at home to take care of her. Since then, I have been steadfast in my studies, and now I am in my final year.

Support from JRS. My life in senior school studies has been difficult but through prayers my spirit has been alive. I was excited by the arrival of JRS in our school because they brought warmth and relief to me. They pledged to support our school and individual support items for the girls. These items are basic to me but expensive to buy. When I do not have them I am forced to take leave from school.

JRS has brought life to our examinations because from now they will be printed as opposed to writing them on the chalkboards. In addition I will get reference books to enable me study for my examinations.

I thank God for bringing me a friend who is accompanying me in my studies. My life has changed abruptly because my basic school requirements will be made available. I am sure I will pass my examinations as my efforts will have value due to the presence of JRS and its support. My dream is to ensure, I become a professional person to support my fellow girls to be part of reconstructing our country to the aspirations of our freedom fighters, but above all, achieve to live the dream of my mother.

*Name has been changed to protect the identity

In 2011, South Sudan seceded from Sudan and became an independent country, a significant step towards a more peaceful future. JRS South Sudan focuses on the provision of education, school support, peace building and reconciliation, and pastoral work. During 2011 more than 45,500 people directly benefited from JRS activities in South Sudan.

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