Vacancies (Eastern Africa)

Jesuit Refugee Service (JRS) is an international Catholic non-governmental organisation whose mission is to serve, accompany and advocate on behalf of refugees and other forcibly displaced people. JRS works in over 50 countries worldwide to meet the educational, health, social and other needs of more than 500,000 refugees and other forcibly displaced persons. In Eastern Africa JRS works in Ethiopia, Kenya, Sudan and Uganda, reaching out to 105,000 refugees, returnees and forcibly displaced persons. JRS services are made available to refugees and displaced persons regardless of their race, ethnic origin, or religious beliefs.

Who can join JRS?

JRS seeks volunteers and staff who share its vision of accompanying refugees and who are prepared for its complex tasks. JRS volunteers and staff may be lay persons, Jesuits or members of a religious congregation. JRS seeks specialists in education, counselling, rehabilitation, management and related fields. There are also needs for people with technical skills, especially in communication, law, agriculture and small-scale development work.

What qualities does JRS require?

In addition to the obvious desire to serve refugees and asylum seekers, human maturity, considerable flexibility of temperament and a capacity to understand refugees and their circumstances without losing objectivity, these five qualities are essential:

  • commitment to training others
  • capacity for teamwork and life in a community
  • acceptance of a simple lifestyle
  • openness to share in a faith journey
  • precise professional expertise 

If Jesuit Refugee Service Eastern Africa has positions available you will find them advertised below. To check whether there are positions available in other JRS regions click here.

International Consultant
There are currently no volunteer positions available in the organisation

Livelihoods Officer

Organisational Context

JRS is an organization of the Catholic Church, in particular of the Society of Jesus and is a collaborative venture between the laity and the religious. Jesuit Refugee Service is involved in a service to refugees, IDPs and other forcibly displaced persons, through personal presence.  The service that JRS offers is direct and human, and often exposed to the sufferings and limitations of refugee life. This can involve arduous physical conditions, work under stress and limited resources. Through our presence we help sustain the values of human solidarity and hope in people who have faced the realities of displacement occasioned by disasters (be they natural or man-made), disastrous inequalities in political, economic, ethnic, social and other spheres of life, hatred and despair.

To do its work, JRS seeks to recruit those who can offer service under such difficult conditions, work in a collaborative and transparent manner, commit themselves to train others in whatever competencies they possess, and live a lifestyle that reflects a commitment to address issues of injustice.

Operational Context/Role

This is a position based in Nairobi and the Livelihoods Officer is intended to create Livelihoods opportunities for refugees in Nairobi that will enable them to be self-reliant. The Livelihoods officer will be responsible for the livelihoods department in JRS Nairobi, under the direction and supervision of the Project Director/Country Director.  

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